Braided Sisal Cord Sisal Buffs

Material: Braid eight strand sisal cord

Available size:

Diameter: 60MM-150MM

Thickness: 10-50MM

Inner hole: hexagon 6*19MM or 6*24MM

For first stage heavy cutting and polishing.

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Braided Sisal Cord Sisal Buffs:

• Eight strand sisal buffs

• Excellent elasticity

• High cutting force, and self-cooling during operation

• For first stage heavy cutting and polishing

This type sisal buffs are a sisal thread twisted/braided into cords. The materials used on the tread is eight, also can be single, double. Braiding reduces buff wear, giving high longevity.


We supply kinds of types of this cord sisal buffs:

1. Natural sisal cord buffs

2. Dip hard treated sisal cord buffs; red colour or yellow

3. The shape of the sisal buff’s edge: flat or round edge

4. Center of the sisal buffs: plastic or steel


The treated sisal buffs are more aggressive than the normal ones.

Can be used with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic polishing machines to polish the inner surface of tableware, sinks, locks, cutlery etc.

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