Braided Sisal Cord Sisal Wheel

Material: Eight strand sisal cord

Available size:

Diameter: 200-300MM

Thickness: 20-25MM

Inner hole: 3″, 5″

For first heave duty cutting and polishing.

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Braided Sisal Cord Sisal Wheel:

• Eight strand sisal cord

• Strong elasticity and cutting force

• For first stage heave duty cutting and polishing

Sisal cord sisal wheel is made of eight strand sisal cord and fixed by a toothed steel center. This sisal wheel can be with natural status or hard treated status.

This kind of sisal wheel can be used on a hand, semi-automatic or automatic polishing machine.

It is suitable for first stage heave duty cutting and polishing of stainless steel, steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum. The natural sisal wheel is soft, widely used for sink polishing. The treated sisal wheel is hard, mainly used for cookware polishing.

Suggested polishing compound: black polishing compound, brown tripoli polishing compound.

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