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About Us

Ningbo Purui Polishing Products Co., Ltd. is one of the leading professional buffing wheel manufacturer and polishing products supplier in China.

PURUI POLISHING founded in 2012. And focus on the professional polishing solution.

PURUI POLISHING specializes in various products for grinding, polishing and buffing. Include polishing tools, polishing machines, jewellry tools, rotary hobby tools and accessories.

Our products range are cover cotton buffing wheelsflannel buffing wheels, sisal buffing wheelsfelt polishing wheelsfelt bobs, felt tubes, polishing compounds, polishing sticks, car polishing sponge, non-woven polishing wheels, nylon grinding wheels, wire wheel brushesabrasives, and polishing spindle adapters, etc.

These polishing and buffing products are ideal for brightening metal, jewellry, gold, silverware, ornamental hardware, vehicles, musical instruments and tableware, etc.

With high quality, competitive price, satisfying service, PURUI POLISHING obtained the trust of the customers come from worldwide.

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