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  • Wool Polishing BonnetWool Polishing Bonnet with Hook and Loop

    Wool Polishing Bonnet with Hook and Loop

    Material: 100% Australia Wool

    Available Size: 2″-8″

    Type: with hook and loop

    MOQ: 100PCS Each size

    For car cleaning

  • Wool Polishing Pad

    Material: 100% wool

    The upper layer is 100% sheepshin ,length 6MM, and the second layer is the foam, it is very soft,for anti-vibration while working, the third layer is the stronger hook and loop cloth, it’s match to the plate backing.Use for final buffing and polishing.

  • Wool Felt Sheets

    Material: 100% Australian wool felt

    Color: Natural White

    Size: As customized

    Thickness: As customized

    Density: As customized

  • Felt Rope for Oil Absorption

    Material: 100% wool felt (Domestic wool or Australian wool)

    Size: As customized

    Density: 0.24-0.60g/cm³

    Used for oil absorption

  • Endless Felt Conveyor Belt

    Material: 100% wool felt (Polyester is also available)

    Colour: Natural white

    Density and size: As customized

    Working temperature: 95℃-160℃