Steel Wire Brush Wheel

  • 6″ Steel Wire Brush Wheel for Bench Grinder

    Material: Brass coated steel wire

    Size: Diameter*Arbor hole*Thickness

    6″ X 32MM X 20MM

    Wire Size: φ0.3MM

    Length of the wire: 30MM

    Max.R.P.M: 6000

    With each 2pc center adapter washers of size 32-1/2″, 32-5/8″, 32-7/8″, 32-3/4″,32-1″

    For derusting, stain removal, paint removal and deburring process etc..

  • 115MM Angle Grinder Wire Brush

    Material: Steel wire, brass plated or natural

    Diameter: 115MM(4.5″)

    Wire Diameter: 0.3MM

    Thread: M14 or M16

    Maximum speed: 12500RPM

    For cleaning, rust removal, paint removal etc.

  • Twisted Knot Steel Wire Wheel Brushes For Metal Cleaning

    Material: Steel Wire

    Size: 85/100/115/125/150MM

    Thread: M10/M14/M16/5-8″-11

    Max.R.P.M: 12500

    This steel wire wheel brush is uesd on an angle grinder with M10,M14,M16 or 5/8″-11 thread. The brush ideal for weld cleaning, heavy flash removal, and rough surface preparation.

  • Steel Wire Wheel Brush for Drill 8PC Kit

    Material: Brass Coated Steel Wire

    MAX Speed: 4500 R.P.M.

    Wheel Size: Each 1pc 1″, 1-½”, 2″, 2-½” and 3″

    Shank size: 3-PC driver arbor with 1/4″ Shank

    Packing: Slide card

    MOQ: 100 Sets

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