Sisal Buffing Wheel

Sisal Buffing Wheel

What is Sisal?
Sisal is also known as pineapple hemp. The sisal is a perennial tropical hard-leaf fibre crop and it is the most widely used hard fibre in the world today.
Sisal fibre is tough, wear-resistant, salt-alkali-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Sisal fibre is widely used in various industries, such as transportation, fishing, petroleum, and metallurgy.
The most common used polishing sisal cloths are Chinese sisal fibre, Brazillian sisal fibre and African sisal fibre.

What are Sisal Buffing Wheels?
The sisal buffing wheel is the most common used polishing wheel for metals. The sisal buffing wheel can be stitched with only sisal cloth or sisal cloth mixed with a cotton cloth. The center of the wheel can be with or without a washer.

The natural sisal buffing wheels are more coarse than the cotton buffing wheels. It is mainly used for the first cutting and polishing of metals. Great for polishing stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminium, brass etc.

The sisal buffing wheel also can be treated to add hardness. Hard treated sisal buffing wheel is very aggressive. We have 3 colors of hard-treated sisal wheels, blue, orange and pink. The hardness ranking of the treated sisal buffing wheel is blue sisal buffing wheel, orange sisal buffing wheel and pink sisal buffing wheel.

What are Sisal Buffing Wheels used for?
Since the sisal buffing wheel is stiffer than other cloth polishing wheels, so the sisal buffing wheels are mainly used for the first cutting of hard metals or initial polishing of soft metals. Great for removing the scratches, light die marks and other surface imperfections.

Hard metals: stainless steel, steel, iron, nickel alloy and chrome alloy etc.
Soft metals: aluminium, brass, copper, silver and gold etc.

Types of Sisal Buffing Wheel?
According to the wheel structure, hardness and machine type, the sisal buffing wheel has more types. Plane sisal buffing wheel, treated sisal buffing wheel, airway sisal buffing wheel, finger sisal buffing wheel, braided sisal cord buff etc.

Buffing Compound for Sisal Buffing Wheel:
For best efficiency and polishing result. We recommend using the grey buffing compound or black buffing compound for the hard metals. And recommend using the brown tripoli buffing compound for the soft metals.