Extra Thick Sisal Wheel

Material: Sisal cloth and cotton cloth

Diameter: 3″-16″

Thickness: 1/4″-2″

Arbor hole: As customized

For first stage heavy cutting and polishing

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Extra thick sisal wheel:

• Sisal cloth + cotton cloth

• Maximum thickness: 2″

• For first stage cutting and polishing

Sisal wheel is ideal for cutting and polishing stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, brass. The maximum thickness is 2″, it’s made of 4 section sisal wheel and nailed. 1 section the thickness is 1/2″. Available diameter from 3″-16″.

The sisal wheel is used for first cutting and polishing. If you want to get a mirror finishing, you need to use a cotton buffing wheel or soft buffing wheel to do the final finishing.

Recommended polishing compound for sisal wheel:

Black polishing compound for hard metals.

Brown tripoli polishing compound for soft metals.

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