10 Inch Sisal Buffing Wheel

Material: Sisal cloth and cotton cloth

Diameter: 10″

Thickness: 1/2″-2″

Arbor hole: as customized

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10 Inch sisal buffing wheel:

• Consists of sisal cloth and cotton cloth

• Thickness: 1/2″-2″

• For heavy cutting and polishing

PURUI’s 10 inch sisal buffing wheel is consists of sisal layers and cotton layers stitched together, spiral sewn.

The sisal buffing wheel is more rough and aggressive, particularly used for first stage heavy-duty cutting and polishing operations on steel and non-ferrous metals, also for removing grinding marks left from previous abrasive operations on stainless steel.

The standard thickness of the 10 inch sisal buffing wheel is 1 section, 1 section = 1/2″, and the maximum thickness is 4 section 2″.

For best results, our sisal polishing wheel should be used with grey or black or brown tripoli polishing compound.

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