Canton Flannel Buffing Wheel

Material: Soft Canton flannel

Available size:

Diameter: 3″-16″

Thickness: 10-100PLY

Arbor hole: As customized

For final high polishing of all metals

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Purui’s Flannel Buffing Wheels are made of 100% fine-grade bleached double-napped cotton cloth, which is called flannel. Ultra soft characteristics of flannel make the flannel buffing wheel great for final high mirror finishing on jewellers and metals such as Aluminum, brass, alloy and stainless steel. The edge of the flannel buffing wheels are raked, making the buffs softer and holding the polishing compound well.

Types of Flannel Buffing Wheel

flannel buffing wheel

Stitched Flannel Buffing Wheel

Layers of flannel are sewn together, making the buff more rigid than loose-type ones. Mainly used for flat surfaces mirror finishing.  As it is for mirror finishing, we suggest the space between stitching is not less than 15mm.






flannel buffing wheel

Loose-type flannel buffing wheel

Layers of flannel are sewn together with one stitching in the center, or layers of flannel are nailed together with plastic or leather washers, making the buff softer and more flexible. Great for mirror finishing on all surfaces, especially for irregular surfaces of metals and jewellers.




Size of flannel buffing wheel

Regular sizes:

3″ x 1/2″ (25ply)

4″ x 1/2″(25ply)

4″ x 1″(40ply)

6″ x 1/2″ (25ply)

6″ x 1″(40ply)

6″ x 2″(75ply)

6″ x 3″(100ply)

8″ x 1/2″ (25ply)

8″ x 1″(40ply)

8″ x 2″(75ply)

8″ x 3″(100ply)

Other sizes can be customized.

The diameter of the flannel buffing wheel can be made from 1″ to 16″, and thickness can be made from 10ply to 100ply. Arbor holes can be made pin-hole, 10mm, 12.7mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm or as required.

Loose flannel buffing wheel with plastic washers

flannel buffing wheel



This flannel buffing wheel is mainly used on machines with tapered mandrels.

Plastic washers are used to nail the layers of flannel together on the one hand, and on the other hand, they help the buff firmly attached to tapered mandrels or adapters.




Polishing Compounds used with flannel buffing wheels

As mentioned above, the flannel buffing wheel is for final mirror finishing, so use with polishing compound for final high finishing, such as our white polishing compound for Stain steel and hard metals, blue polishing compound for soft metals, red rouge polishing compound for jewellers, and pink polishing compound for chrome.

Tools and machines for flannel buffing wheels

Same as Cotton buffing wheels, flannel buffing wheels can be used on polishing Lathes, industrial buffers, bench grinders, bench polishers, polishing machines, angle grinder polishers, drills and other rotary tools. Purui’s bench grinder spindle adapter can help you convert your bench grinder into a bench polisher, and angle grinder spindle adapter can help you convert your angle grinder into an angle polisher, and drill mandrel can help you use the cotton buffing wheel on your drill.


The flannel buffing wheels are used for final high mirror finishing, so make sure all the sanding marks and scratches are removed and you get a uniform finish before using the flannel buffing wheels.

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