Loose Leaf Denim Buffing Wheel

Material: Denim cloth

Available size for the loose leaf denim buffing wheel:

Outer diameter: 3″-16″

Thickness: 1/4″-2″

Arbor hole: As customized

The loose leaf denim buffing wheel is used for cutting and initial polishing hard to reach surfaces on plastics and most metals. Such as stainless steel, steel. iron, chrome, nickel plate, aluminum, brass, copper etc.

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The denim cloth is a special cotton cloth. It’s soft as a normal cotton cloth. But the particular yarn count structure of the denim cloth makes it more sturdy than the other cotton cloth. The denim buffing wheel lasts much longer than the standard cotton buffing wheel. It is very durable and can hold the compound very well. The edge of the denim buffing wheel is pre-raked, it’s easy to accept the polishing compound.

What is a denim buffing wheel used for?

Since the denim buffing wheel is more sturdy than the standard cotton buffing wheel, so this wheel is mainly used for cutting hard metals and initial polishing soft metals and plastics. But not for gold, silver and other precious metals. The purposes are removing the scratches, marks, burrs and flatting the surface. This stage is a preparation for the final polishing.

The denim buffing wheels can be used on the bench grinders, automatic polishing machines and drills. You can install the wheel on the machine’s shaft directly. Also can use the wheel with a tapered adapter together.

What are the different types of denim buffing wheels?

Denim buffing wheel with two types.

The first type is the stitched denim buffing pad. This type of pad with a concentric sewn or a spiral sewn. The standard stitching distance is 5mm, and this parameter can be customized. The stitched denim buffing pad is stronger.










The second one is loose-leaf denim buffing wheel. This type is only stitching a few rows in the center of the wheel. The stitched rows can be 1 to 3 rows. The wheel is open, very soft and elastic. The wheel can reach any space the stitched buffing wheel can’t arrive.










Recommended Polishing Compound use with the Denim Buffing Wheel:

Green polishing compound for hard metals.

Brown Tripoli polishing compound for soft metals.

Blue polishing compound for plastics and woods.

Please always raked your buffing wheels during the polishing and buffing process.

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