Loose Cotton Discs

Material: 100% fine grade cotton cloth

Available size:

Diameter: 7″-12″

Arbor hole: As customized

Can be bleached.

Available colour: white, black

For final high polishing.

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Loose Cotton Discs:

• Very Soft and flexible

• For final high polishing

These loose cotton discs are made of 100% fine grade cotton cloth, loose-leaf type. Can be bleached, the bleached one is softer than the normal one. Available colour: white, black.

These cotton discs are very soft, used on the automatic polishing machine for final high polishing of stainless steel, jewellery, aluminum, wooden, plastic, ceramics, glass, watch etc. to get a supper mirror surface.

Very flexible, so can get into awkward places easily, great for polishing hard to reach surfaces, and provides a highly polished finishing.

Recommended used with white polishing compound, blue polishing compound, red rouge polishing compound.

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