Green Airway Aluminum Polishing Wheel

Material: Green mill treated cotton cloth

Available size:

Diameter: 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″

Thickness: 16-32PLY

Inner hole: 3″, 5″ 7″

Can be with or without center plate

For primary cutting of stainless steel and aluminium etc.

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Green Airway Aluminum Polishing Wheel:

• Green mill treated cloth

• For primary cutting

The green airway aluminum polishing wheels are made of green mill treated cotton cloth and chemically dipped. It stiffer than white cotton airway buffing wheels and lasts longer.

The bias shape makes this aluminum polishing wheel ventilation and flexibility.

Green airway aluminum polishing wheel can be used on automatic polishing machines or angle grinders for primary cutting for stainless steel, steel, iron and aluminum alloy etc.

Recommended use with green polishing compoundbrown tripoli polishing compound.

Colour Chart Of  The Cotton Airway Buffing Wheels:

Colour of the airway buffing wheels


Suggested polishing compounds


Very heavy cutting

Grey, black, brown


Heay cutting

Black, brown


Primary cutting

Green, brown


Primary cutting

Green, brown


Final finishing

White, Blue

Flannel airway buffing wheels

Final mirror finishing

White, Blue

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