How To Clean Polishing Buffing Wheel?

How To Clean Polishing Buffing Wheel?

In the process of polishing items using a polishing buffing wheel, dirt cut from items and residual polishing compound will build up on the polishing buffing wheel, which will not only damage the items to be polished, but also affect the polishing effect.  Therefore, it is necessary to clean the polishing buffing wheel regularly.

The first time you using a polishing buffing wheel without a raked edge, especially the airway buffs, before applying polishing compound and polishing, you should rake the wheels, and make the edge fluff, so the wheels won’t damage the workpiece and polishing compound can adhere to the wheels easily.


There’s another case that you also need to clean the polishing buffing wheel thoroughly, that is before changing from one polishing compound to another.

It is easy and quick to clean the polishing buffing wheel with a buff rake which has jagged blades. The buff rake is specifically designed for cleaning the buffing wheels. Of course, if you don’t have one in hand, saw blade is also can be used.

Here are the steps:

1. Run the machine, and spin the polishing buffing wheel

2. Apply the buff rake to the polishing buffing wheel with medium press, and move it side to side for a few seconds. The working area of the buff rake is same as your workpiece, the safety area is the area of the buffing wheel which is rotating away from yourself.

3. Run off the machine and check the edge of the polishing buffing wheel. If the fibre is separated and fluffed, the cleaning work is done, the wheels may still look dirty, that’s because the fibre is stained, but this will not affect the polishing.

4. If the fibre of the wheel is still sticking together, repeat the above steps.

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