Green Polishing Compound

Material: Mineral oil, Plant lipide, Aluminium Oxide abrasive, Chromium oxide green abrasive

Available: 30g/50g/100g/120g/250g/500g/750g/1000g bar

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped + carton

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High-quality stainless steel polishing compound

Green polishing compounds are dual-purpose buffing compounds for first stage polishing of soft metals and middle-stage buffing of hard metals.

Work well with sisal buffing wheels, cotton buffing wheels, etc.



Other colors buffing compounds are available:

Grey Fast-Cutting Polishing Compound

Black Emery Polishing Compound

White Polishing Compound

Brown Tripoli Polishing Compound

Blue Polishing Compound

Pink Polishing Compound

Red Rouge Polishing Compound

Detail usage of these buffing compounds, please refer to the Buffing Compound Color Chart

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