All-Purpose Blue Polishing Compound

All-Purpose Blue Polishing Compound

Material: Mineral oil, Plant lipide, Aluminium Oxide abrasive

Available size: 30g/50g/100g/120g/250g/500g/750g/1000g bar

Packaging: Shrink-wrapped + carton

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Extra fine all-purpose blue polishing compound.

What Is Blue Polishing Compound used for?

Blue polishing compound is used for final high polishing on aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, acrylic, plastics, horn, conch shells and more. The purpose is to get a shiny mirror surface.

The blue polishing compound will remove very little material, so before we use the blue bar, we must make a pretreatment on the to-be-polished workpiece. The purpose is to remove the scratches and marks from the workpiece surface. In this process, we can use the sisal buffing wheel or treated cotton buffing wheel to work with the brown tripoli polishing compound.

What Buffing Wheels can be used with Blue Polishing Compound?

Since the blue polishing compound is used for the final stage high polishing, so the buffing wheel must be soft. We recommend use white muslin buffing wheel or the flannel buffing wheel. The types of buffing wheels can be stitched, loose-leaf or airway buffs. The flannel buffing wheel is the softest.
















Available Size of The Blue Polishing Compound Bar:

Available size 30g, 50g, 100g, 120g, 250g, 500g, 750g and 1000g bar. Shrink-wrapped with carton.

We also supply the blue polishing compound stick. Available sizes: 50g and 100g. The stick is packaged in a plastic tube.











Other colors buffing compounds are available:

Grey Fast-Cutting Polishing Compound

Black Emery Polishing Compound

Green Polishing Compound

White Polishing Compound

Brown Tripoli Polishing Compound

Pink Polishing Compound

Red Rouge Polishing Compound

Detail usage of these buffing compounds, please refer to the Buffing Compound Color Chart

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