Square Edge Felt Wheels

Material: 100% wool felt

Chinese wool and Australian wool are available

Available size:

Diameter: 2″-12″

Thickness: 1/2″-2″

Arbor hole: As customized

Density: 0.40-0.60g/cm3

For final high polishing.

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Square Edge Felt Wheels:

• 100% wool felt

Felt wheels offer a unique, cushioned fine buffing and polishing action which no coated abrasive belt, cloth buffing wheel, or any other fabricated or natural product can duplicate. Felt wheels are used either with or without polishing compounds depending upon the material to be processed and the finish desired.

According to the density, kinds of hardness felt wheels are available: soft, medium, hard, rock hard.

Soft felt wheels are generally used for rounded surfaces and special applications requiring minimal pressure and cutting action. This density is used for polishing glass, granite and marble.

Medium felt wheels are recommended for most industrial work and readily adapt to either flat or rounded surfaces. They are often used in polishing and buffing operations with polishing compounds and lubricants. Medium felt wheels are recommended for most industrial work, all metals, jewellery, stone, woodwork, glass polishing.

Hard felt wheels are usually used on flat surfaces or in applications where it is necessary to contour the wheel to the configuration of the piece part. This is the density normally used by lapidarists and jewellery manufacturers. Hard felt wheels are usually used for jewellery, percussion instruments, dentistry, and glass polishing.

Rock hard felt wheels are used in operations demanding maximum cutting pressure and where sharp edges or critical contours on the piece part require close tolerance or complex wheel shaping.

Typical application areas include:
Jewellery, windshield repair, plastic part lines, all metals, medical parts, fiberglass, stone, glass polishing, dental.

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