Airway Sisal Buffs with Steel Center

Material: Sisal and cotton cloth

Available size:

Outer diameter: 8″-16″

Thickness: 2-8PLY

Inner hole: 3″-7″

These airway sisal buffs can be with or without center plate.

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Airway sisal buffs with steel center:

These airway sisal buffs are made of sisal cloth and cotton cloth. It is fixed by a steel center. Can be with or without a center plate.

These airway sisal buffs can be used on an automatic polishing machine or an angle grinder. If used on the angle grinder, you must use a center plate and airway buffing safety flange together.

The airway sisal buffs are effectively removed or blended metal stretcher strains, ripples, score marks, light die and tool marks, and other surface imperfections from metals.

It’s very flexible for this airway sisal buffs, allowing this sisal buffing wheel to be particularly adaptable to buffing concave, contoured, recessed and drawn profile forms.

This type of airway sisal buffs can be dipped hard treated for more aggressive.

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