The heavy cutting polishing compound is utilized as a pre-polishing procedure to effectively eliminate substantial scratches, marks, rust, and other imperfections.

The difference with other polishing compounds is the grit size of the grey polishing compound is larger than others.

Our grey polishing compound bar is designed for heavy cutting polishing process. The available sizes with 50g/100g/500g/750g/1000g bar.

Difference 1: Materials
Cotton wheels are made of muslin cloth, flannel cloth, denim cloth or treated cotton cloth. The main features of the cotton wheel are soft and flexible.

Grinding wheels are made of abrasives and bonding agents. The normally used grinding wheels have vitrified grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels and rubber-bonded grinding wheels. The main features of the grinding wheel are hard and aggressive.

Difference 2: Usage

Cotton wheels are used for cleaning, polishing and finishing on metals, non-metals, plastics and wood to get a fine or mirror surface.

Grinding wheels are used for rough grinding, half-accurate grinding, accurate grinding, notching and cutting on metals and non-metals.

Grinding is a preprocessing process before polishing.

Polishing compound with different colors, and each color the usage is different.

Purui polishing supply the bellow color polishing compounds:

Grey cutting polishing compound-Used for cutting hard metals

Black polishing compound-Used for initial stage polishing of hard metals

Green polishing compound-Used for middle stage polishing of hard metals

White polishing compound-Used for final polishing of hard metals

Brown tripoli polishing compound-Used for initial stage polishing of soft metals

All-purpose blue polishing compound-Used for final polishing of soft metals

Red rouge polishing compound-Used for final high polishing on all soft precious metals

Pink polishing compound-Used for final polishing of chrome and hard metals

Blue polishing compound is made of mineral oil, plant lipide and aluminium oxide abrasive.

Extra fine.

Blue polishing compound is a versatile all-purpose buffing compound. This compound is used for final polishing for iron, aluminium, aluminium alloy, brass, copper, gold, silver, plastic, acrylic etc.

The grey polishing compound is the most aggressive buffing compound. The composition with corundum abrasive, very coarse. The grey polishing compound is used for fast cutting hard metals, such as stainless steel, steel, iron etc.

The common used angle grinder thread size includes M14 or 5/8″-11 UNC.  If you want to convert your angle grinder into a metal polishing and buffing machine. Our angle grinder spindle adapter is a better choice.

The yellow buffing wheel is made of yellow treated cotton cloth. It’s stiffer than the white cotton buffing wheel.

Yellow buffing wheel used for middle stage polishing on hard metals, or initial polishing on soft metals.

Felt bobs are made of 100% wool felt and mounted on 3/32″, 1/8″ or 1/4″ shanks. Felt bobs are ideal for use on die grinders, electric drills and air drills. The maximum operating speed is 15000rpm.

Felt bobs have many different shapes and different hardness. They can use with various polishing compounds or rouges to produce a clean, high finish on moulds, dies, models, all metals, plastics, glass or crystal. Great for polishing and buffing all hard to reach surfaces.

Mirror polishing is divided into mechanical mirror polishing and chemical solution mirror polishing.

Here we just study the mechanical mirror polishing. Mechanical mirror polishing is a polishing process on metal materials to achieve a smooth, bright mirror surface. To get the mirror surface, we must use the buffing wheels from coarse to fine to polish the metal surface step by step. The different polishing stage must use different buffing wheels and polishing compounds.

The commonly used buffing wheels are as follows:
Cutting stage: Sisal buffing wheel, treated buffing wheel
Middle polishing stage: Stitched cotton buffing wheel
Mirror polishing stage: Cotton buffing wheel, flannel buffing wheel

Polishing bobs are buffing accessories. It is made of 100% wool felt and bonded with a steel shank together. The felt has three hardness, soft, medium and hard. The polishing bobs have more shapes, the different shapes are used in different places. The common shape of the polishing bobs includes cylindrical, mushroom, bullet, cone, ball, knife-edge etc.. The available shank size is 3/32″, 1/8″ and 1/4″. These polishing bobs are great for use on die grinders, electric drills and air drills. Used for high polishing.

Cotton airway buffing wheels with different colors. Each color the hardness is different and used on the different polishing stages. Generally the airway buffing wheel with blue, orange, yellow, green and white color. The hardness is rank down. When you want to polish something, you need to choose the right color according to the different materials.

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We supply kinds of products for grinding, buffing and polishing, including cotton buffing wheels, sisal buffing wheel, airway cotton buffing wheel, felt polishing wheels, felt bobs, polishing compounds, flap discs, flap wheels, non-woven polishing wheels and rotary tool accessories etc..

These buffing products are ideal for brightening metal, jewellery, gold, silverware, ornamental hardware, vehicles, and tableware, etc.