Felt Polishing Disc With Plastic Backing

Material: 100% fine wool felt

Available size:

Outer diameter: 85mm, 90mm, 95mm, 100mm, 115mm, 125mm

Felt thickness: 8-20mm

Arbor hole: 16mm, 22mm

Hardness: Soft, medium, hard

Backing colour: white, green, orange, blue

Use for final high polishing.

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Felt Polishing Disc With Plastic Backing:

• 100% wool felt

• Used on angle grinder for final high polishing

Felt polishing disc used for polishing Jade, glass, jewellery, precision instruments, marble, metals, etc.

The production process of the felt polishing disc is different from the industry flat felt. It has a long fulling time and tight organization and small pores. It is not restricted by warp and weft like the fabric. The thickness of the felt polishing disc is easy to control, the density can be produced according to the requirements, and the wear resistance is well.

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