10 Inch Rock Hard Felt Wheel for Knife Sharpening

Material: 100% Australia wool

Color: Natural white

Size(outer diameter * thickness * arbor hole):

Φ250mm * 45mm * Φ12mm

In Stock Density: 0.65g/cm³ and 0.80g/cm³

Hardness: Rock hard


The size and density can be customized, density from 0.65g/cm³ to 0.80g/cm³. The MOQ for the customized wheel is 10PCS each size and density.

Application: For knife sharpening.

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10 Inch Rock Hard Felt Wheel for Knife Sharpening:

100% Australia wool with rock hardness. Used for knife sharpening and other polishing operations.

























 Customized Service for Rock Hard Felt Wheel:

The normal size for this item is 250mm diameter X 45mm thickness X 12mm arbor hole. The available density is 0.65g/cm³ and 0.80g/cm³. Other sizes and densities can be customized. If you have special demands on this item, please feel free to contact us. The general lead time is 20 days for the customized felt wheels.

The density of The Rock Hard Felt Wheel:

To get the best results, the felt wheel’s density must be rock or flint hard. If the density is just “soft”, “medium”, and “hard”, it will round the knife edges and reduce the knife sharpness. The normal density we supply is 0.65g/cm³ and 0.80g/cm³, rock hard. If you want other density rock hard felt wheel, please email us and let us know your detail requirements.

How to Use The Rock Hard Felt Wheel:

For best results, the rock hard felt wheel needs to use with the diamond spray together. The diamond spray must be alcohol-based or oil-based, the alcohol-based is the best. Please don’t use the water-based diamond spray on the felt wheels. Due to the special production process and the material of the felt wheel, the felt wheel might be expanded or deformed after us with water-based diamond spray.

The recommended grit of the diamond sprays is 0.5μm, 1μm, 3μm, and 6μm.

To change to use a fine-grit diamond spray, you will have to remove a 0.1mm thickness from the felt wheel. Since after using one diamond spray, some abrasive and steel powder will keep on the felt wheel and affect the next finer grit operating. Experience told us, that the grit 80# sandpaper is a fine choice for grinding the outside surface of the felt wheel.

Maintenance of The Rock Hard Felt Wheel:

During the sharpening process, if you find the felt wheel turns black and the sharpening effectiveness goes down. Please use the 80# grit sandpaper to clean your felt wheel.

Please take down your rock hard felt wheel from your Tormek machine for a long time unused. And keep the wheel in a non-humid environment to avoid dampness.

Always tighten the wheel and keep the careful operation during the sharpening process.

We also supply rock hard double-taper felt knife sharpening wheels.

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Feedback for This Item from Our Customers:

Clinton           July 22, 2023


Those custom felt wheels arrived yesterday. They look fantastic, and I tested one today. I’m very happy with them.

Thanks again.

Jeff                  March 14, 2023


I received the wheel, it is perfect, a great product, great price and wonderful customer service.

Thank you very much,

Werner           May 8, 2022


Just to let you know. I tested the felt wheel and I am very pleased with the results I get. Same behaviour like the felt wheel I got last year from Australia.

I posted in the forum of the Tormek grinder community the this felt wheel is available and I hope you get many requests.

Tobias          January 18, 2022


For your information, I have received the Felt wheels. Looking great!

Have a nice weekend.

Jason          January 6, 2022


Thank you. I have signed the document and payment has been made full. Please ship the rock hard felt wheels as soon as possible.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


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