Sisal Buffing Wheels-Sisal Only

Material: Sisal only, natural

Available size:

Diameter: 3″-12″

Thickness: 1/4″-2″

Arbor hole: As customized

Treated sisal buffing wheels are also available.

For heavy cutting of stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, copper etc.

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Sisal Buffing Wheels-Sisal Only:

• Sisal fibres, coarse

• Hard, wear-resisting

• For first stage heavy-duty cutting of stainless steel, aluminum etc.

Sisal buffing wheels (sisal only) are made of sisal cloth, according to the thickness requirements, stitched them together and punching out the arbor hole.

Sisal fibres are very coarse, hard, this property makes the sisal mops wear-resisting, efficiently.

These kinds of sisal buffing wheels are used for first stage heavy-duty cutting operations on stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, copper etc. For removing the grinding marks, scratches, rusts and ready for the middle polishing operations.

Recommend use with black polishing compound, brown tripoli polishing compound.

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