How to polish raw stainless steel?

How to polish raw stainless steel?
There are different ways to polish raw stainless steel to the mirror surface, but all these ways require three stages, including rough abrasive grinding stage, polishing stage and buffing stage. Here we have listed a way to polish raw stainless steel to the mirror surface step by step using a bench grinder.

#1—Rough abrasive grinding stage-polish raw stainless steel
Start with a grit 80# abrasive flap wheel, grind and sand the item. Change grit 80# flap […]

Buffing Wheel Material

Buffing Wheel Material:
As we know, there are many kinds of polishing buffing wheels are made of different materials. How to choose the appropriate buffing wheel for your task? It helps you choose the appropriate buffing wheel if you know the materials for polishing buffing wheels. We have put up a list for different buffing wheel materials and buffing wheels made of them, and the applications of these polishing buffing wheels.




Buffing Wheel Application

Cotton fabric-Cotton Buffing Wheels

Muslin fabric

Muslin fabric using for […]

How To Use Polishing Compound

How To Use Polishing Compound?
Polishing compound is also known as polishing paste, polishing wax, buffing compound. The polishing compound is made of abrasives, tallow, paraffin wax, etc. They are commonly made as solid bars and used with polishing buffing wheels to smooth metals, jewellery, woods, stones and plastics. Polishing compounds come in all different types and colors, each uniquely suited to a different aspect of cutting, polishing and buffing process. Some are rougher and allow you to quickly remove […]

Buffing Compound Color Chart

Buffing Compound Color Chart:
When polishing, if you want to make the polishing process more efficient and achieved your polishing purpose quickly.
It is necessary to select the appropriate buffing wheels and polishing compounds according to the material of the object to be polished and the polishing purpose to be achieved.
Below are the buffing wheels & buffing compound color chart for your reference:

What is Polishing?

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