How To Use Polishing Compound

How To Use Polishing Compound?

Polishing compound is also known as polishing paste, polishing wax, buffing compound. The polishing compound is made of abrasives, tallow, paraffin wax, etc. They are commonly made as solid bars and used with polishing buffing wheels to smooth metals, jewellery, woods, stones and plastics. Polishing compounds come in all different types and colors, each uniquely suited to a different aspect of cutting, polishing and buffing process. Some are rougher and allow you to quickly remove scratches, rusts; and others are gentler and designed to provide a beautiful and shining finish to your work.

How to use polishing compound step by step:

#1—Choose the right polishing compound.

#2—Attached the polishing buffing wheel to the bench grinder, drill, angle grinder or polisher.

#3—Run the bench grinder, drill, angle grinder or polisher you used, apply the chosen polishing compound to the polishing buffing wheel for approx. 2 seconds. The polishing compound is wax/abrasive based, so the motion of the spinning polishing buffing wheel generates heat which melts the wax/abrasive onto the polishing buffing wheel.

#4—Apply the polishing buffing wheel to the item to be polished.

#5—Apply more polishing compound during polishing if required.

#6—Change the polishing buffing wheel for the next polishing stage if needed, and repeat the process with a finer polishing compound. If you use the same polishing buffing wheel for different polishing stages, rake the polishing buffing wheel thoroughly and remove the previous polishing compound before changing from one compound to another.

How to choose the right polishing compound, please reference the Buffing Compound Color Chart .

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