8 Inch Buffing Wheel with Tooth for Relievo Polishing

Material: Soft fine grade cotton cloth

Diameter: 8″

Thickness: 60Ply (5/8″)

Arbor hole: 5/8″

For final high polishing of relievo.

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8 Inch Buffing Wheel with Tooth:

鈥 Soft fine聽grade cotton cloth

鈥 With tooth

鈥 For final high polishing of relievo

This kinds of聽8 Inch buffing wheel聽with tooth are made of soft fine聽grade cotton cloth, with tooth and washer.

Very soft and flexible, so can getting into awkward places easily, great for polishing hard to reach surfaces, and provides a highly polished finish on all metals, especially for relievo products.

Recommend use with white polishing compound, blue polishing compound.

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