Yellow Muslin Buffing Wheels

Material: Treated cotton cloth
Available size of the muslin buffing wheel:
Outer diameter: 3″-16″
Thickness: 20PLY-60PLY
Inner diameter: As customized
Used for middle stage polishing on hard metals or initial polishing on soft metals.

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High-quality yellow muslin buffing wheel

These yellow muslin buffing wheel, made of fine grade yellow treated cotton cloth, sewn with leather center or shellac center or without washer center. These muslin buffs will help remove surface scratches from stainless steel, aluminum, gold and sterling silver jewelry and other metals. This yellow treated muslin buffing wheel is stiffer than standard muslin buffs, and last longer.

Recommend polishing compound used with this muslin buffing wheel are as follows:
1. Green polishing compound– for middle stage polishing of stainless steel, steel, iron and other hard metals
2. Brown tripoli polishing compound– for initial polishing on aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver and other soft metals.

The stitching type of this muslin buffing wheel can be concentric sewn or spiral sewn.

Cotton Buffing Wheel Types
Picture of the buffing wheel types Description of the buffing wheel
Yellow treated muslin buffing wheel with leather center
Yellow treated muslin buffing wheel without washer
Yellow treated muslin buffing wheel with white shellac center



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