Round Edge Felt Buffs For Angle Grinder

Round edge felt buffs are great for final polishing on irregular surface or contoured surface of most metals, stones, glass, and plastics. Usually used for applying polish or dry polishing with an angle grinder with M14 or M16 thread.

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Material 100% wool felt
PURUI# Description Thread Size
FTRE-10012 Round Edge Felt Buffs For Angle Grinder M14 or M16 100MM X 12MM Medium
FTRE-10020 100MM X 20MM Medium
FTRE-10025 100MM X 25MM Medium
FTRE-10030 100MM X 30MM Medium
FTRE-11512 115MM X 12MM Medium
FTRE-11520 115MM X 20MM Medium
FTRE-11525 115MM X 25MM Medium
FTRE-11530 115MM X 30MM Medium
FTRE-12512 125MM X 12MM Medium
FTRE-12520 125MM X 20MM Medium
FTRE-12525 125MM X 25MM Medium
FTRE-12530 125MM X 30MM Medium
FTRE-15012 150MM X 12MM Medium
FTRE-15020 150MM X 20MM Medium
FTRE-15025 150MM X 25MM Medium
FTRE-15030 150MM X 30MM Medium

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