Non Woven Buffing Wheel

Material: 7447 non woven cloth

Color: Red

Available sizes are as follows:

Outer Diameter: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″

Thickness: 25MM, 50MM

Arbor hole: 19MM

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Non Woven Buffing Wheel:

Non woven buffing wheel is made of 7447 non woven cloth. The wheel is flexible and suitable for the fine treatment of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and soft metal (eg. sanding, satin finish, cleaning).

Characteristics of the non woven buffing wheel:
No burns of the workpiece, high finish, sharp, durable, efficient, anti-blocking, last longer and clear lines.

Application areas of the non woven buffing wheel:
1. Metal products such as stainless steel knives and scissors, tableware, thermos cups
2. Watch accessories, watch cases and straps
3. Surface treatment of golf clubs and ball heads
4. Surface deburring of metal castings
5. Building hardware, hinges and locks
6. Hardware lighting products and accessories
7. Polished aluminum bicycle frame rim
8. Brushed VCD panel and mobile phone shell
9. Hardware bathroom products
10. Satin finish of electroplated products

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