Car Polishing Sponge Pad with Velcro Hard/Medium/Soft

Material: MEGUIAR polyurethane foam

Color : Maroon, Yellow, Cream

Hardness: Maroon hard, Yellow medium, Cream soft

Type: with hook and loop

Available size: 3″-8″

Thickness: 20-50MM

MOQ: Each color and size 100pcs

For car cleaning

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High-quality car polishing sponge pad with velcro. This type car polishing sponge pad is made of MEGUIAR polyurethane foam. The pad with 3 colors, maroon, yellow and cream. The maroon is hard for first stage cutting. The yellow is medium for compounding. The cream is soft for final finishing.

The car polishing sponge pad is used with velcro backing pad together and used on an angle grinder or angle polisher.

The details for the car polishing sponge pads are s follows:

Car Polishing Sponge Pad HardMaterial: w-7000 MEGUIAR polyurethane foam

Color: Maroon







Car Polishing Sponge Pad Medium

Material: w-8000 MEGUIAR polyurethane foam

Color: Yellow







Car Polishing Sponge Pad Soft

Material: w-9000 MEGUIAR polyurethane foam

Color: Cream








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