Strip Disc for Grinder with 3 Density, Purple Hard, Blue Medium and Black Softer

Strip Disc for Grinder with 3 Density, Purple Hard, Blue Medium and Black Softer

Material: mesh-structured non-woven base with resin and abrasive

Available size of the strip disc for grinder:

Diameter: 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6”, 7”

Arbor Hole: 4” with 5/8” arbor hole; 4.5” to 7” with 7/8” arbor hole

Thickness: 15MM

Type: T27

Max RPM: 11000

Colour: Purple, Blue and Black

Density: Purple harder, blue medium and black softer

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These kinds of strip discs can be used on most angle grinders. It is very easy to install and use. You can according to your angle grinder size and your purpose choose the suitable size and density to use.


Application area:

Can be used on metal, wood, plastic and fibreglass etc.



For cleaning and stripping paint, epoxy and other coatings.

For cleaning welding slag and welding line.

For removing rust, corrosion and scale.

For deburring and finishing on kinds of materials and shapes object.

The strip disc is not only removing or cleaning the layer, but also polishing the surface of the object. The strip disc also can be as a pretreatment before welding, coating and other further processes. The strip disc is better than nylon fibre discs, wire wheels and grinding wheels.



High strength, less vibration and quieter, less dust, efficiency and wear-resisting. The special mesh-structured can cooler the strip disc itself. The strip disc does not damage the surface of the workpiece or object. It has a uniform grinding force, strong water resistance and strong plasticity. All the merit makes the final results controlled and sustained.

Purple strip disc:

High density, hard, used to clean welding slag and line or deburring on metals and woods.







Blue strip disc:

Medium density, medium, the hardness between purple strip disc and black strip disc.








Black strip disc:

Low density, softer, used to remove light coatings and clean.









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