Abrasive Flap Wheels

Abrasive: Aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide

Available Size:

Diameter: 125, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300, 350MM

Thickness: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150MM

Inner hole: 25.4, 32, 36, 50, 127, 170 MM

Center: Steel center (wooden center abrasive flap wheel also available)

Item can be customized

Grit: 40#-1000#

Packaging: Carton or wooden case

MOQ: 50PCS each size and grit

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What Is Abrasive Flap Wheels?

Abrasive flap wheels are also known as thousand-page wheels and chuck-type page wheels. It belongs to a kind of coated abrasives. The flap wheels are made of aluminum oxide sandpaper or zirconium oxide sandpaper. Each flap wheels are glued by hundreds of sandpaper sheets and fixed by the upper and lower chucks.



• The sandpaper sheets are arrayed in a radial pattern and fix them with a chuck and adhesive to achieve continuous synchronous grinding. With high processing efficiency, toughness grinding, and no damage to the workpiece, lasts longer

• Adopt super strong adhesive, do strengthening treatment and dynamic balance test to ensure the stability of the flap wheels under high strength

• Can be customized according to customer’s requirements


Usage of The Flap Wheels:

Flap wheels are used on various automatic, electric and manual grinders and polishing machines. For grinding and polishing operations.

Great for large-area rough polishing, grinding, rust removal and grinding on various stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, stone and other fields.


Application Fields:

Automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and decoration.


How to Choose Abrasive Flap Wheels?

  1. Appearance: no deformation and missing pieces

  2. Size and the number of sandpaper sheets must be meet the specifications

  3. Quality of sandpaper: the abrasive is uniform, and the abrasive is not easy to fall off

    Abrasive flap wheels


How to Storage Abrasive Flap Wheels?

  1. Open the package before use

  2. Avoid storing the flap wheels long time in a humid place

  3. During transportation and use, try to handle it gently to avoid heavy pressure

  4. Incorrect storage and use will affect the grinding effect and service life

Zirconium oxide flap wheels are also available.

Zirconium Oxide Flap Wheels

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