Rotate Speed for Polishing And Buffing

Rotate Speed for Polishing And Buffing:

The correct peripheral rotate speed is an important consideration in getting the right results from your buffing operation. Working at high rate will heats the work surface and prevents the polishing compound working properly, while working at low speed will can not get high mirror finish.

For reasons of economy and efficiency, Surface Feet Per Minute (SFPM) for each polishing and buffing operation is an important factor.  For best results, your buffing wheels should maintain a surface speed of between 3600 to 7500 SFPM.  Average peripheral speeds are approximately 7,500 linear feet per minute for polishing and buffing.

In order to determine the size of buffing wheels necessary to obtain 7,500 linear feet, divide the peripheral speed or 7,500 by the R.P.M. at spindle or arbor. Then divide that result by 3.1416 which will determine the diameter of the buffing wheels in feet or fractions of feet.

For example, 7,500 divided by 2950=2.542

Divided 2.542 by 3.1416=0.809 feet or 9.708 inches.

Therefore, if your motor running at 2,950 RPMs your buffing job would call for a 10″ diameter wheel.

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