4 Inch Buffing Wheel for Jewelry

Material: Treated cotton cloth; fine cotton cloth

Color: Yellow, white

Diameter: 4″

Thickness: 50Ply

Arbor hole: Pin-hole with red glue leather center

Hardness: yellow rough; white fine

For polishing of soft metals and jewelry.

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4 Inch Buffing Wheel:

• 100% cotton cloth

•4″ X 50Ply, pin-hole center

• Yellow is for initial buffing, white is for final polishing

4 inch buffing wheel is a popularly used buffing wheel. The wheel can be used on a mini bench grinder or electric drills. The 4 inch buffing wheel must be used with a tapered spindle adapter together.

The yellow one is coarse and hardened than the white one. The yellow 4 inch buffing wheel is used for initial buffing. The white is soft and used for final polishing. Great for polishing soft metals and jewelry, such as aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver etc.

Recommended polishing compound:

Brown tripoli polishing compound for yellow buffing wheel.

Blue polishing compound for white buffing wheel.

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