Equipment And Supplies Needed For Polishing

If you want to polishing a material, some necessary equipment and supplies are needed.


Equipment can be used for polishing include polishing/buffing machine, bench grinder, sander grinder/polisher, drill and rotary tool. The rotate speed recommended for polishing & buffing is 3,000 rpm or less.




Sisal Polishing Wheel

Sisal Polishing Wheel is used for first heavy stage of polishing on steel and non-ferrous metals, also removing grinding marks left from previous abrasive operations on stainless steel.  it is made of pure sisal layers or cotton layers and sisal layers stitched together.  Sisal polishing wheel can be dip treated, treated sisal polishing wheel  is more aggressive when cutting.  Airway Sisal Polishing Wheel   and finger Sisal Polishing Wheel  are mainly used on automatic machines.

Cotton Buffing Wheel

Cotton Buffing Wheel is used for middle stage polishing and final high finishing. Purui’s cotton buffing wheels include stitched cotton buffing wheelloose cotton buffing wheelfine muslin buffing wheelflannel buffing wheeljean buffsdenim buff,  mounted cotton buffs and airway cotton buffs

Felt Buffing Wheel

Felt Buffing Wheel  is made of 100% wool, and can polish and buff wood, stone, glass, plastic and metal.  Felt buffing wheel is extensively used for knife sharpening. Mount Felt bobs are made with 1/4” or 1/8” shaft, and easily used on drills and rotary tools, cylinder shape, cone shape, oval shape, taper shape, or ball shape makes the bobs polish interior and irregular surfaces efficiently.

Polishing Compound

Have a equipment and polishing wheel are only 2/3 of the puzzle when it comes to polishing, you also need polishing compounds. Purui Carries polishing compounds for all purposes, whether you are doing a rough polishing to remove grinding marks on stainless steel, or buffing silver to a mirror finish. The polishing compounds Purui carries include: Brown Tripoli polishing compound, fast-cut gray polishing compound, black polishing compound, green polishing compound, blue polishing compound, white polishing compound, rouge jewelry polishing compound, and pink polishing compound.

Mandrel and Spindle Adapter

To attached the polishing wheel to machine, you may need adapters. Purui has tapered mandrel  for using the polishing wheels on drill, spindle adapters  for bench grinder, angle grinder adapter  for using the polishing wheels on angle grinder.

Microfibre Cloth

Used for removing grease and finger marks left on surface.

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